Buyback Policy

We offer a Buyback on all purchases made from Melorra in India. You may return products under buyback policy after 30 days from date of delivery for online orders or 15 days from date of purchase from retail stores. The product along with the original product certificate, can be returned at current market value, with deductions towards making charges as per the original invoice and 3% of the buyback value for plain gold jewellery & 10% of the buyback value for studded jewellery (Diamond/Gemstone) respectively as processing charges. If you have received any discount or applied coupons while making your purchase, the same will be deducted as applicable.

How it works:

- The value of the returned product under Buyback policy is determined after deductions towards making charges, discounts & processing charges.

- Jewellery returned showing signs of alteration(s) by anyone other than Melorra shall not be accepted for buyback.

- Based on our quality inspection, we reserve the right to change the buyback value of the product.

Diamond & Gemstone Jewellery

- 100% of gold value at current market rate.

- 90% of diamond/gemstone value at current market rate

Plain Gold jewellery

- 100% of gold/ value at current market rate

T&C applicable as above.

  1. Loss of the original product certificate would result in a deduction of Rs. 500.
  2. Buyback policy not applicable on gold coins & loose solitaires.
  3. For jewellery comprising multiple pieces, a deduction of Rs. 1,000 per piece will be applicable for each of the missing piece.
  4. Online orders include online orders placed from retail stores.
  5. International orders not eligible for Buyback policy.
  6. Payment will be made only through Bank to the original customer account. The payment will be processed to customer account within 3 – 5 business days.
  7. Products bought from sources other than Melorra Stores/Website ( will not be eligible for buyback policy.